Web CV: Robby Hesse
Medical Physicist and System Developer


Master's Thesis: Automated Browser-Assisted Analysis and Reconstruction of Performed Radiotherapies Based on Undocumented DICOM Datasets
Clinic for Radiotherapy and Radiation Oncology, University Hospital Bonn (DE)
– work in progress –

Master's Thesis Specialization: Development of a Browser-Assisted Analysis Tool for Header Data of DICOM-RT Datasets from Radiotherapy via JavaScript [incl. English Abstract]
Clinic for Radiotherapy and Radiation Oncology, University Hospital Bonn (DE)
Bachelor's Thesis: Quantitative Evaluation of Spatial 2D Phase Unwrapping Algorithms [incl. English Abstract]
Institute for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, University Hospital Düsseldorf (DE)
Apprenticeship's Final Project: Design and Development of a Customer Communication Module for an Internal Management Tool
NEO 7EVEN GmbH Software Solutions, Siegen (DE)

High School Seminar Thesis: The Spread of Right-Wing Extremist Ideas Through Music Among Today's Youth
Adolf Reichwein High School, Jena (DE)

Other Written Work

Learning Cards: Radiation Protection
Collection of Questions for the Preparation of Examinations in Basic Radiation Protection Courses

What is Meant by the Keyword "Power-to-X"
Course "Sun, Coal, Nuclear Fusion: Scientific Challenges of Future Energy Supply"

Structure-based Drug Development for Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Based on the BCR-ABL Protein
Report of a Practical Computer Course in Biophysics

How the Glass Bottles Came to Düsseldorf
with Anna Buchmayer and Tobias Löffler, Seminar "Glass Galaxies - A Seminar on Transdisciplinary Science Communication"

Conference Reader: ZaPF SoSe 2014
with Tobias Löffler, National Conference of Student Councils of Physics, Summer Semester 2014 at Düsseldorf (DE)